Business Advantages


Labor Pool

York County, population 13,665, has a labor pool of over 318,000 potential employees that have a great work ethic and understanding of hard work. York County is also a magnet for the commuting workforce with just over 40% commuting outside of the county to work here every day.

Strategic Location

Being located in the center of the United States offers businesses numerous advantages when it comes to their shipping needs. From York County, shipments can be trucked to 90% of the lower 48 states in 2 days or less.

Diverse Economy

York County’s diverse economy includes agricultural processing & services, advanced manufacturing, transportation & logistics, business, and financial services, and health care. Nebraska has the investment of 4 Fortune 500 companies.

Education System

York County offers an excellent K-12 educational system that includes multiple public and private options. York is home to York College, a 4-year post-secondary liberal arts institution. In addition, there are numerous 2 and 4-year institutions within minutes of York County offering hundreds of associates, bachelors' and graduate degrees, and training opportunities.

Transportation & Logistics

Regardless of the direction, you will find routes that are easily accessible with Interstate 80 (runs East/West), U.S. Highway 81 (runs North/South), and rail services provided by Burlington Northern Santa Fe. York, Nebraska’s right-in-the-middle-of-it-all location is key to conducting business, along with the state’s low traffic congestion, lower costs, pro-business climate, low labor costs, and the absence of inventory taxes.

Nebraska is home to several of the nation’s leading transportation companies and is located on one of the busiest rail corridors in North America. 11,500 trucking companies, two of which (Werner Enterprises Inc. and Crete Carrier Corp.) are in the nation’s top 10. The Nebraska Transportation Center at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln facilitates collaboration between university researchers, industry leaders, and government entities.

York County's Transportation & Logistics Map

All trucking services needed are offered in York County. Larry Johnson, President of Nebraska Trucking Association, has called York a "truckers oasis".

Proximity to Foreign Trade Zones

Lincoln FTZ #59 & Omaha FTZ #19 are both within 90 minutes of York County and allow companies to defer paying customs duties on goods until they leave the zone for domestic consumption.


York County has some of the lowest electric rates in the nation due to Nebraska being a 100% all-public power state.  Utility information can be found here.

Telecom Infrastructure

Numerous capabilities are at your fingertips with the state-of-the-art fiber network.

Business Community

The businesses in York County flourish because they work together to make each other stronger rather than against each other.


Nebraska is a right-to-work state and York County has very little unionization.