ESI Camp Application Form

2024 ESI Camp Application Form

ESI Camp will inspire you to use your talents and passions to create innovative, sustainable businesses and to establish meaningful connections with community leaders.  As you respond to the questions/statements below, think outside the box.

A limited number of camper spots are available for this camp. Selection will be made by reviewing applications. By signing below, you understand that a maximum camp fee of no more than $60.00 will be due two weeks after notification of acceptance into the program. Program officials have acquired sponsorship funds to help offset the $400 per student cost. If selected, I give permission for my student to participate in the ESI Camp for the dates listed above. I understand students will be walking as well as transported in vehicles during this program. I will not hold responsible for any sponsor or staff/volunteer if an injury occurs during the camp. In addition, I give permission for York County Development Corporation, Nebraska Extension, York Public Schools, Heartland Community Schools, McCool Junction Public Schools, Trinity Lutheran School, Saint Joseph School, and Emmanuel Lutheran School to use photos of my child on social media as well as other marketing materials.

May 31st Application Deadline