Investor/Business Directory

YCDC's membership is a combination of local communities and business investors who are committed to having a vibrant economy. 

YCDC Investor members are Coming Together To Grow. They are committed to the mission to promote, encourage, and facilitate the quality growth of York County Nebraska. The three central goals are:  increasing the number of quality housing units in York County, supporting quality business growth in York County, and making York County the place one wants to live and work (strengthening educational programs and opportunities to fill the skills gap) benefits all individuals and businesses in the area.

All members receive their page in our business directory, can post in the job directory which is shared nationally, and Member Spotlights on social media. We will share investors' social posts (if seen), and try to highlight the higher levels more often. 

  • $100 - $250 is for start-ups or in-home businesses that are in the early stages of their business.
  • $250 - $499 is for businesses that are a little more established and have a few employees. 
  • $500 - $999 is for businesses that have been growing and adding to their employee base. This is typically where potential employee community tours start.
  • Gold ($1,000-$1,499) receives a board seat if desired, and a confidential and conflict of interest form.  Every $1,000 in investment receives another seat.
  • At Platinum ($1,500) and Diamond ($2,500), we start thanking members on our Podcasts
  • The Titanium ($5,000+) level investors get a 30-second commercial on the podcasts. 

Thank you to all YCDC Investors! Click Here to View!