Rasmussen Rentals

1355 S Country Club Avenue• York, NE 68467

Rasmussen Rental of York offers clean, modern and affordable living options for renters in the York area.

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Four complexes in York are owned by Rasmussen Rentals - Margarita Place, Hazelwood, Mid-Town Townhomes, and The Garage Mahal.

Margarita Place: This brick 8-plex has been completely remodeled inside and out and features beautiful two bedroom units with modern laundry and new carpet. Margarita Place is located at 823 Nebraska Ave. in York, Nebraska.

Hazelwood: This 6-plex is located within easy walking distance to the central downtown business district near shopping and entertainment, east of the under pass at 107 E. 12th St. in York, Nebraska.

Mid-Town Townhomes: 2-Bed, 2-Bath, 1,200 Square feet, garage, all appliances, storage throughout, spacious townhouse. One unit is 1-Bed, 1 Bath with all the same amenities. Mid-Town Townhomes is located at 728 N Iowa Ave in York, Nebraska.

The Garage Mahal: This red barn features luxury living lofts at an affordable price with amenities and climate controlled garages with a scenic wooded pasture and surrounded by farmland. The Garage Mahal is located at 1118 S. Hutchins in York, Nebraska.