York County

510 N Lincoln Ave• York, NE 68467
United States

York County is a county in the U.S. state of Nebraska. As of the 2010 United States Census, the population was 13,665. Its county seat is York.

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Maintaining healthy, strong existing businesses is not only important for the economic vitality of York County, Nebraska, but it plays a critical component in growing the economic base of the area. What’s more is that the existing companies here work together to make York County, Nebraska a thriving community. There are many competitive advantages to doing business in York County, Nebraska – its central location with logistic and transportation access, agricultural assets and skilled workforce. It is strategically located in the geographic center of the Unites States. Sitting at the intersection of two of America’s busiest roadways, Interstate 80 (runs East to West) and U.S. Highway 81 (runs North to South, also known as the Pan-American Highway), a York County, Nebraska location quickly becomes a valuable asset to companies serving all markets in the Unites States and around the world. It locates businesses halfway between New York City and Los Angeles and numerous East-West/North-South markets. The logistics offers 4-lane highway systems west, east and south. The community offers a local general aviation airport, the York Municipal Airport (JYR) in York, Nebraska. There are two runways – Runway 17/35 is 5,898 feet long and Runway 05/23 is 4,500 feet long. There are three commercial airports within 90 miles of York, providing quick air service for customers, partners and corporate.