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6 Sep 2022

York County Development Corporation (YCDC) has an active Business Retention & Expansion (BR&E) program, which is an economic development strategy of proactively connecting with local businesses to understand and respond to their needs. This program includes many contacts and communications throughout the year. Recently, we have kicked off the Business Visit Survey portion. These visitations are conducted during an in-person meeting to insure a full and clear understanding of the business’ operations, wants, and needs.  This also gives us the opportunity to share what we are doing to promote the economic growth in the county as it relates to their questions. The knowledge we gain from these visits are invaluable. In addition, it allows my staff and I the opportunity to see firsthand, the inside workings of different businesses.  Through these interactions, we aim to foster collaboration throughout the community and partners who can help businesses. We do bring in Economic Development partners from regional and state entities to assist with the surveys.

What do we want to accomplish? First, we want to create an open, honest, and confidential dialogue between businesses and YCDC. Building and developing communication with local businesses gives YCDC insight on how we can assist them. Thru the process, we work to identify business needs and concerns, as well as their identified strengths and opportunities. Businesses may qualify for incentives and other programs, by asking about their future outlook, including expansion, allows us identify how we can better assist them. We want to obtain their opinion and satisfaction level with the community. We aim to anticipate and recognize any challenges that may be threatening local businesses growth, along with potential opportunities. Ultimately, we want business owners to feel comfortable reaching out beyond the surveys.

The surveys are entered into a data base, and are used to help guide YCDC’s Board of Directors and staff. We will utilize the combined data in educating elected officials and educators about business needs in the county. The results are used to further develop strategies and actions that continue to spur and support economic development. This data is available to the Nebraska Department of Economic Development in a confidential report format. Data from surveys around the state allows them to develop their strategies, programs, and advocate for additional assistance from the Nebraska legislators.

With over 800 businesses in York County, there is no way for us to interview each business. We have a variety of sectors, and business size that we are meeting with. If your business wants to participate, or would like to visit with us, please reach out to YCDC at 402.362.3333 to schedule a time to meet with us.

Coming Together To Grow
Lisa Hurley, CEcD, Executive Director
York County Development Corporation

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