York Area Schools Worked with Cyclonaire to Establish Internship Program

York Area Schools Worked with Cyclonaire to Establish Internship Program Main Photo

3 Mar 2023


York County Development Corporation (YCDC) is focused on workforce development so that our local companies have a steady stream of talent to hire from. Locally, we benefit from the presence of York University, but in many situations employers can hire students right out of high school. To facilitate these relationships, YCDC works with local employers and York area schools to host Manufacturing Day events and career fairs. We are involved in the SE NE Manufacturing Partnership as well.  We also work with our partners to create and promote internship opportunities.

York Area Schools & Cyclonaire Created a Successful Internship Program

One of our recent successes involves Cyclonaire, a York manufacturing company that designs and engineers leading edge equipment for any production phase. “Leading companies across major industries count on Cyclonaire systems and services to solve unique challenges and meet the most rigid specifications for both retrofits and new installations. You’ll find Cyclonaire conveyance solutions around the world in battery, rubber, rail, mineral and cement production facilities,” said a company representative. 

Cyclonair offers many opportunities for students to learn new skills and build a long-term career. Now, exposing students to these opportunities early is part of their recruitment strategy. 

“The new internship program was discussed with students during YCDC’s Manufacturing Day industry tours last fall. Afterwards, representatives from York Public Schools (YPS) spoke with a student who had attended the tour who was interested in going through Cyclonair’s new internship program,” said Lisa Hurley, YCDC Executive Director. “Dana Schmid, High School Counselor, helped to coordinate the internship and was very supportive of the process.” This was a new program Cyclonair and YPS worked closely to put together, and having a student interact with the company during the tour helped facilitate the connection. 

Cyclonair has already hired their first intern - Anthony White started his internship in January.  

More York County Students Are Interested in Interning 

Other students are interested in interning for York County companies - something that creates an incredible opportunity for companies to identify talent early. In some cases, students may wish to start working right away and continue their education later. In other instances, offering a summer internship can create connections so that when a student graduates they come back to York County for work. “We know that York County students receive a good education, they know how to work hard, and often want to stay here after graduation. Our goal is to make it easier for students and businesses to connect in order to facilitate that,” said Emily Perry, Development Coordinator. “We encourage businesses to contact YCDC to discuss their hiring needs so we can help identify solutions. Some of which may involve an internship.” 


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