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20 Mar 2020


York County Health Coalition Basic Needs Committee, Nebraska

Identified Needs as of March 19, 2020


What is Needed

DHHS needs hand sanitizer, gloves and masks for when doing home visits


Need Help

York Area Chamber of Commerce had a question as to how YORK ELEMENTARY can be assisted with their remote learning tasks.  Their office reached out to Kris Friesen and she has indicated that if anyone is able to help offset the cost of the unplanned supplies that are needing to be purchased, they would appreciate the help.  Cash donations can be dropped off at York Elementary School.


Taking Place

  • As of right now, LITTLE CUBS DAYCARE is open for the remainder of the week. We are still taking it day by day at this point. We are doing extra cleaning & encouraging families to stay home if it’s a possibility.
  • DHHS has expanded the energy assistance if a family had an impact due to COVID-19 (loss of hours, job. . .).  Families who need assistance need to contact DHHS.  People can apply for any services through DHHS (EA-food stamps, utility assistance, child care, Medicaid) at www.accessnebraska.ne.gov OR by calling 1-800-383-4278(this is available 24 hours per day). 
  • Contact Brandee Nice with York DHHS office with information on how to pay for new internet service for families with students. The email below also has the information:
  • Nebraska Children and Family Foundation (NCFF) website that includes resources and information.  They are continuing to add to it so please let Tonya Beckenhauer (402-610-3575 or tonya@beckenhauer.com)  know if you have any feedback on what additional things should be included. Please share with anyone else and other community leaders that might find it helpful. https://www.nebraskachildren.org/covid-19-information-and-resources.html
  • Blue Valley Community Action (York) - Doors will be locked but staff will remain in their offices.  There will be no volunteers reporting to work.  Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 1:00-4:00 the Food Pantry is available by appointment only.  We will get food ready and they can stay in their vehicle and we will bring it out to them.  Fresh produce from Wal-Mart Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For emergency assistance, they need to call first.  They are going to try to do most everything over the phone if at all possible.  Elizabeth King is the coordinator in York and in Polk.  And her assistant is Jennifer Harre.  You can call them at the York number: 402-362-3516.  Lisa Epp lives close to Henderson, so if you know someone needing food she would be happy to bring some things to them or get it to one of you if transportation is an issue.
  • York County Prevention met via Zoom March 18. They can be support/assistance if needed.
  • Heartland Community Schools will begin distributing free meals to all students in the Henderson and Bradshaw areas beginning Friday, March 20 and each day through next week.  We will hand out that day's lunch and the next day's breakfast to every child in our district either in the circle drive in front of the Heartland school or in front of the Bradshaw Community Center between 11:30 & 12:30 each day.  A phone call is not required prior to participation, but would help us judge numbers of meals to prepare.  If you are not able to pick up meals in those locations at these times or if you are not feeling well, but would still like to participate, please call Heartland Community Schools (402-723-4434) by 10:00 that morning.  
  • York Public Schools – will be offering free sack meals for breakfast and lunch due to the school closure caused by the COVID-19 virus. Meals will be distributed starting Monday, March 23rd on the east side of York Middle School from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm Monday-Friday until school resumes. Meals will be distributed in a drive-thru manner. Please pull into the east parking lot of the York Middle School and meals will be brought to your vehicle. YPS will provide 1 sack lunch for the current day and 1 sack breakfast for the next day per student. On Friday, YPS will distribute meals for Friday lunch, Saturday and Sunday breakfast and lunch, and Monday breakfast. This program is for children ages 1 to 18 that live in the York School District. No adult meals will be distributed. In order for us to have enough meals available please complete the form at this link: Meal Distribution - COVID-19 (https://forms.gle/Fi4g8mQ4F3JzBh4p8). You only need to complete this survey once. If you do not have access to this link please contact one of the schools to get on the list.  You can go to https://yorkpublic.org/yps-free-meals-distribution-plan/ for more information.
  • McCool Schools-for families in McCool district if you need support with meals to contact the schools, who will deliver.
  • Nebraska Evangelical Lutheran High School (Waco) has most of the students returning home, those staying will continue to live in the dorms and their needs will be meet.
  • Trinity Elementary (Waco) is unknown but possible contact is Nancy Ring: nancy.ring@trinitylutheranwaco.com
  • Centennial Schools is not doing anything at this time.  There is a parent who is offering help to families, even those in Benedict.  She and others will deliver meals to those who need it.  Rochelle Geiger has the contact name if needed.
  • As of now, Lincoln Food Banks’s Mobile food distribution on the 1st Friday of the month will continue at East Hill over the noon hour. The structure may change to more of a drive-through style.
  •  Kerry’s in McCool is also offering lunch for school-aged children from 11 am-1 pm
  • Meals on Wheels is still in operation. To participate contact York County Aging Services. If it is a financial burden, contact HHS to explore financial assistance.
  • York County Transportation is transporting one person/family at a time by appointment only.
  • Living Water Missions will also continue offering meals at this time
  • Perennial Public Power District will be working with families who need assistance.
  • York City Hall will have a box to make payments outside.
  • Unemployment wait is being waived at this time.
  • Short Time Compensation – The Short-Time Compensation program helps prevent layoffs by allowing employers to uniformly reduce affected employees’ hours by 10 to 60 percent while permitting the employees to receive a prorated unemployment benefit.  For more information go to dol.nebraska.gov/stc
  • WiFi is still working outside at Kilgore Memorial Library


What Can We do

  • Contact Betty Moyley with Lunchtime Solutions at b.moyle@lunchtimesolutions.com or betty.moyle@yorkdukes.org if interested in volunteering, but will be working
  • York County Health Coalition Basic Needs is collecting gift cards for groceries (including personal need items). Please drop off at the York Area Chamber Office. Rochelle Geiger will distribute them to those in need.
  • Having kids and grandkids call, facetime, etc. family or neighbors to help not feeling so isolated



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