York County Health Coalition June 2020 Update

8 Jun 2020

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It's a new month and summer is on its way! As we move to a new normal, supports will continue to be needed in different ways in different sectors of the community.  Below you will find information on resources available to families as well as updates on COVID-19 Funding.




 Updates & News 


CARES Act: During the last week of May, Governor Ricketts announced as part of the Community CARE funds, Community Collaboratives will be eligible for a portion of $20 million for the purposes of assisting and supporting food, housing, and telehealth needs related to COVID-19. The Department of Health and Human Services is working to create an application process, and we (YCHC) will have access through our partnership with Nebraska Children and Families Foundation. There are still many details to work out, but we hope to know more information later this week.


COVID-19 Assistance: Assistance continues to be available for York County Households affected by COVID-19. We have recently updated the application paperwork on our website. This update is to allow is to more easily articulate needs across the state in conjunction with other Community Collaboratives. While the application is much longer and may seem overwhelming if families or individuals are struggling to complete the form, they are welcomed to call our office at 402.745.6604. 


 Resource Features 


Blue Valley Community Action: Blue Valley has recently adjusted its hours with a soft opening. There will be a limit of 10 people in the building at a time, and all will be asked to wear masks. For more details, please call Blue Valley at 402.362.3516


York County Ministerial Alliance: Financial assistance is available to York County households through the Ministerial Alliance. For eligibility and contact information, please visit https://www.yorkcountyministerial.com/ The York County Ministerial Alliance awards no more than $150 per family, per year. 


Child Care Referral Website: Families across Nebraska can search for local licensed providers at https://www.yorkcountyministerial.com/ The website provides access to both in-home and center-based providers. 


Nebraska Public Service Commission: PSC offers assistance with paying phone bills to eligible low-income families in Nebraska. More about the service and how to apply can be found at https://psc.nebraska.gov/telecommunications/nebraska-telephone-assistance-programlifeline


AmeriCorp Application: Those interested in leveraging volunteer opportunities to support capacity building or other services to the community can check their eligibility and apply for operational grants here: https://www.serve.nebraska.gov/what-we-do/americorps-funding/ or to check eligibility and apply for planning grants here: https://www.serve.nebraska.gov/what-we-do/americorps-funding/





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