Why This Restaurant is One of York’s Favorites

Why This Restaurant is One of York’s Favorites Main Photo

20 Jan 2021

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Why This Restaurant is One of York’s Favorites

Some say that the fondest memories are made when gathered around a table and that the food’s secret ingredient is always love. The great thing about York County is that no matter which restaurant you visit, you’ll always feel at home, and no matter what’s on the menu, every dish is made with that secret ingredient.

Hi, my name is Matías Castaño and I want to invite you on a journey that will help us get to know the exceptional businesses that surround us here in York County.

Today, we highlight La Cocina. A family-owned Restaurant that began 7 years ago when the Gutierrez family stumbled upon a town called York and saw that it was in need of a little taste of Mexico. It was November of 2013 when this family visited York for the first time. Now, even with competition, La Cocina smiles at other’s success, because as they say at this restaurant, “The sun shines for everyone.”

Located in downtown York, this eatery hosts some of the best Mexican food around, with dishes that reel people in from all over the world. “The first thing I noticed was the warm welcome.” Said Tamás Sebestyén (Hungary). “There are not many restaurants that provide a homey kind of feel.” Mentioned Antony Mac-Dowell (Brazil). “La Cocina’s attention is great, from the servers to the owners.”  Explained Felipe Cerda (Chile), and of course, they’ve had visits directly from Mexico. For instance, famous Singer-Songwriter Pancho Barraza stopped by with his musicians to enjoy a great meal at this warm establishment.

With past experience in the restaurant business, the Gutierrez family thought it would be a good idea to begin their own legacy, and what a great idea indeed. Since inauguration day, La Cocina has been very busy. And since their second location has opened up in Seward, Nebraska, they’ve been even busier. Manager Mario Leon Garcia says that “Through thick and thin, pandemic or no pandemic, the customers have always been there.”

Putting smiles on everyone’s faces brings these employees joy, and because most of their time is spent making their customers happy, the La Cocina Family has a hard time finding time for themselves. Since they’re a family-owned business, on most occasions, their birthdays and special events aren’t celebrated the day of. Instead, they’re celebrated whenever they have a day off, which are typically on holidays. “We believe family is important, that’s why we close on big holidays.” If this family-owned restaurant wouldn’t close on holidays, the employees and owners wouldn’t be able to celebrate things that they hold near to heart, which in turn, would make it difficult for them to supply York with the outstanding service they provide.

La Cocina aims for consistency and great service, both of which they’ve gotten to perfection. Over these past 7 years, alongside family, they’ve come to value things such as your satisfaction as the customer and the support you provide them. That’s why I leave you, a faithful customer, with a quote from the La Cocina Family, “Thank you so much for the support. To those of you who’ve visited us countless times, you are family. We’ve been lucky enough to see your kids grow and that puts smiles on our faces. We appreciate you and we hope you know that.”

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