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6 Apr 2021

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Ah, Spring, my personal favorite season of the year! The snow is melting, all of the wonderful colors are beginning to show, animals are coming out of their winter hibernations and flowers are starting to grow! What more could you ask for? World Peace? Actually, yes, but let’s focus on the flowers for now.

Hi, my name is Matías Castaño and I want to invite you on a journey that will help us get to know the exceptional businesses that surround us here in York County.

Today, we highlight Peterson’s Petal Company. A floral business in downtown York that aims to provide the surrounding community with the best flowers, bouquets, and floral arrangements. Established a little over two years ago, with a passion for helping the community and an interest in floral design, owner and founder Amanda Peterson is proud to invite everyone to “stop by and take a look around!”

Amanda planted a seed a little over 2 years ago when she first opened the doors to her floral shop on February 4, 2019. That seed has bloomed and provided much fruit as opportunities seem to be of abundance. Over the last two years, Peterson’s Petal Co. has grown in the community, forming a part of Weddings, High School Dances, Parties, Events, Business Meetings, and simple things like gifts for a special someone!

As soon as you walk into this unique shop, you can smell the aroma of the flowers, as if they had bloomed that very morning. With colors that mesmerize at first glance and arrangements that only exist in this store, you’ll fall in love with Peterson’s Petal Company. I could write paragraphs with words that capture the magnificence of this store and every detail inside, but words don’t mean much if they only live in your imagination.

So I invite you to experience this floral shop for yourself, but don’t only take my word for it, a couple of people who’ve lived the experience have a few words to share. Taylor P. says “BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS. But even more beautiful are the people that work there!!!”

And Marti H. shares the following words,

“The whole crew is wonderful, easy, and accommodating to work with. I had so many compliments on my wedding flowers!”

I don’t know about you, but those words get me excited for this next season! And with all of the rain that God gave us in the last few weeks, I believe we’ll be seeing Spring in full motion. The world around us will be blooming and the fragrance of the flowers will fill the air.

If you like the smell of flowers and enjoy good company, then take a trip to downtown York, where you’ll find a cute floral arrangement shop that you’ll automatically fall in love with. ‘Take time to smell the roses,’ walk on into Peterson’s Petal Co., where you’ll be welcomed not only by the flowers and colors inside but by the people who keep them alive.

“I want this to be an inviting place where people can come get together and talk. Something I really like to do,” says Amanda. “I invite everyone to stop in and take a look at what we offer.”


Spring: a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.



Matías Castaño
YCDC Growth Intern

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