How York County Development Corporation Helped Businesses & Created Jobs in 2021

How York County Development Corporation Helped Businesses & Created Jobs in 2021 Main Photo

27 Jan 2022


York County Development Corporation (YCDC) is tasked with growing York County’s economy and enhancing the quality of life for all residents within the community. YCDC is funded by members who are investing in the county’s growth, with the understanding that sustained economic growth benefits everyone. 

YCDC is proud to lead the economic development of the county and to share the work that was done in 2021 and how this work has contributed to the county’s growth and development. 

How York County Development Corporation Helped Businesses & Created Jobs in 2021 

In 2021, YCDC operated with the philosophy of one business, one job, one individual at a time, while at the same time embracing more technology. Below are the results of our combined efforts. 

Business Investment

When it comes to economic development, projects are often multi-year. YCDC projects resulted in more than $60,000,000 in investment from 2016-2021 between business and housing projects. In 2021, we celebrated new projects that include:

  • McLean Beef
  • Preferred Popcorn 
  • York Cold Storage’s expansion

These projects are the result of years of efforts, making it important for community members to understand that sustained economic development is the result of building - one year at a time. For example, Preferred Popcorn moved to York County by leasing space in the SWB Industrial Park in Waco. The 122,745 square foot building is just north of I-80, was refurbished by SWB LLC and shown to numerous businesses over the course of several years prior to and during the renovation. The two south warehouses were leased literally weeks after the renovation was completed. “We have to be consistent with our efforts to attract business and development to York County. The key is to keep connecting, keep building and to be in a position to seize opportunities when the right business shows interest,” said Lisa Hurley, Executive Director of York Development Corporation. 

New Talent Attraction Ad Campaign Shows Promising Results

Jim Ulrich, YCDC President said, “We are continuing to develop, retain, and recruit talent to help meet York County businesses workforce needs. During this year, we have continued to meet as a talent committee, produce podcasts, promote community tours, hold job fairs, and move forward on other efforts as well.” This includes enhanced advertising efforts to attract more talent to York County. Our 4th quarter talent campaign ensured that anyone who opened the York News-Times online outside of Nebraska saw the Why York County ad. In Q4 the ad had 62,137 impressions, 72 clicks, 0.12% Click through rate, twice the national average of .06%. Realizing the success of this campaign, YCDC has reallocated the budget to allow for continued on-line ads with York News-Times. We had to let go of the ‘Breaking News’ email which was sent to a local audience in order to put a greater emphasis on recruiting workforce - something that is critically important for our business community. 

Launch of New Entrepreneur and Small Business Tools

In a move that would not be allowed without our members investment, YCDC is empowering  local aspiring entrepreneurs through an innovative online service called SizeUp|York County NE. The service is available for free to all local entrepreneurs and small businesses on the YCDC website at The powerful market research and business intelligence tool is both industry specific and hyperlocal. It includes the same and similar data that is used by huge corporations, but which has been historically inaccessible to small businesses because of the cost and expertise required to analyze data. SizeUp|York County NE helps to level the business playing field by empowering our local entrepreneurs and small businesses with these data insights, at no cost to them, so that they can make data-driven decisions just like the biggest companies. “We are the first community in Nebraska to implement this tool for our communities in York County and the surrounding area,” said Ulrich. 

Awards & National Recognition

York County Development Corporation won a Silver Rank for its York NE Industrial 34 Acre Site Specific, a project in the category of Multimedia/Video Promotion from the International Economic Development Council (IEDC). The IEDC annual conference is attended by site consultants from throughout the world. Publicly receiving this award gave York County an opportunity to be recognized by these corporate decision makers and economic development leaders from throughout the country. 

Lisa Hurley was named the 2021 Nebraska Economic Developers Association (NEDA) Professional of the Year, and the City of York received their Economic Development Certified Community recertification. 

We Build Together through Collaborative Work

The 17-County Podcast continues to be well received. In 2021, we saw the launch of the 17 County Leadership Program, targeting personal development and managerial skills. In 2022, we will see the continuation of the Why York County videos in addition to the podcast and other talent work.

YCDC continues to collaborate with local and state organizations, bringing best practices to York County while working together to achieve common goals. In 2021, we collaborated with the York County Day Care Alliance, York County Health Coalition, Southeast Nebraska Development District, York County educators, Nebraska Economic Developers Association (and Legislative Committee), Nebraska Housing Developers Association, National Rural Economic Developers Association & others. In addition, YCDC is collaborating with developers on ways to meet the county’s housing needs. 

Join YCDC in Growing York County’s Economy

“There is a lot of momentum behind York County. We have designed and built programs that will lead to sustained economic growth, developed the materials we need to market ourselves, and are gaining national recognition,” said Hurley. “What we need is for more of the community to join YCDC as members, so we can have the resources we need to further our mission. When a new business invests in York County, an existing one grows, or a family moves here for work, it benefits us all. Together, we can grow one business, one job, one individual at a time.”

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