YCDC April 27th Event: Leadership: Powered By Connection

28 Feb 2022


If you’re concerned about burnout, retention, recruitment, growth…

ginger event image…resiliency, deeper customer engagement, happier teams, productivity…

Then you’ll want to attend for this special event:

Leadership: Powered By Connection

YCDC + Ginger Johnson are partnering again for a deep-dive leadership growth intensive.

This special event is ideal for leaders looking to:

  • create alignment with the organizational vision.
  • inspire their teams to ideate and operate collaboratively and at a higher level.
  • embed effective practices and the mindset to keep going and growing in their organizational DNA.

Attendees will leave with:

  • a newfound ability to examine how their personal values and growth connect to the organization’s vision.
  • a sense of renewed purpose and self-commitment to bring their whole and best selves to work.
  • a proven playbook of effective practices and the mindset to keep going and growing through connection.

LIMITED Registrations are available for this event.

Check your calendar right now and register today.

Leadership: Powered By Connection
Date & Time: Wednesday April 27th, 1 – 5 pm
Location: York Country Club, 1016 West Elm Street, York


  • Current YCDC Members only $99, includes a signed copy of the Connectivity Canon book, written by Ginger and referenced in the event
  • Not yet YCDC members only $199; books available for purchase before (online) and at the event

Tea, coffee and water provided; bring a notebook or journal + writing utensil (no laptops please).

All guests are welcome to purchase additional food and beverage on their own at the Club.

York County Development Corporation / YCDC hosts and partners with guest subject matter experts like Ginger to offer the members and great York County community lively and useful education.

Ginger is an active YCDC member and has led various events in York county, with YCDC and other key institutions, providing relevant and timely growth-focused events.  

Who is Ginger, anyway?

Ginger has a ball working with proactive leaders across the globe with a special affinity for York and Nebraska. She grew up in Minnesota, speaks, works with teams on professional development, leads connecting dinner party experiences and has written 2 books so far. Mountainous Missoula, MT is her newly adopted hometown with her Fine Husband and 2 dogs. There’s always a seat at her table for visitors ~

More at GingerJohnson.com


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