How to Earn a Signing Bonuses & Benefits in York County, Nebraska

How to Earn a Signing Bonuses & Benefits in York County, Nebraska Main Photo

28 Apr 2022


Get a new job with a signing bonus and full benefits in York County, Nebraska. “The opportunities for workers are incredible right now. We are seeing companies offer signing bonuses to new employees and benefits packages that include medical and dental, paid time off and some even offer retirement plans. It’s a great time to be employed by a York County company!” said Lisa Hurley, Economic Development Director for York Development Corporation. 

How to Earn a Signing Bonus 

There are companies throughout York County offering signing bonuses. To apply, look through our job listings or search on Indeed. When you find a job you like, submit your resume, be prepared to promote yourself during the interview and provide any necessary documentation. If offered a position, the hiring manager will let you know how you’ll be receiving the signing bonus. Typically, it shows up on your paycheck, either as a lump sum payment or paid over the first couple months of employment. Collins York lists out how their signing bonus process works here, but you should always ask the hiring manager for more information. 

Jobs with Signing Bonuses in York County, Nebraska

Perhaps the best advantage of working in York County is that everyone has opportunity here. You can live a good life (and afford it) while working in an entry level position and without having a college degree. If you do have a degree, there are incredible opportunities for you here as well and it’s possible to move up the ladder fairly quickly. Bottom line - no matter what your education or employment background, there are jobs and opportunities in York County.

Examples of jobs that come with signing bonuses:

Full time warehouse workers at Tractor Supply can earn a $1,000 signing bonus and earn up to $17 an hour to start. 

Huddle House is offering signing bonuses for cooks and servers! With no college degree or special training, you can easily earn a bonus to help with your relocation to York County.

Henderson Health Care is offering a $5,000 signing bonus for Certified Nurses Assistants. What’s incredible is that they will pay this bonus even if you only want to work part-time! This is an incredible opportunity for someone who needs part-time hours for family reasons or who maybe wants to work part-time while going back to school. 

CTECAG is offering a $1,000 signing bonus for construction workers. They also offer vision, dental and medical benefits, time off and a clothing allowance! 

York General is offering signing bonuses for a variety of positions. For example, they are paying $3,000 for someone to take on the environmental services role. 

Machinists can earn a $3,500 signing bonus by going to work for Collins Aerospace. They also offer a competitive range of benefits and significant promotion opportunities. All work is done in a clean, climate controlled facility where safety is the first priority. 

Get Your Medical & Dental Paid for by a York County Employer

Even companies who aren’t offering immediate signing bonuses may offer benefits right away. Klute Steel offers a full benefits package at all levels - whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned employee. AKRS, as another example, offers uncapped bonus potential, a company matching 401K plan, medical, dental, & vision insurance, along with paid time off (PTO)! These are the types of benefits older generations used to create a secure lifestyle, but have been mostly missing from the modern workplace. You can get these benefits in York County, Nebraska and use them to improve the life of your family.  

Walmart in York is offering health insurance and other benefits that start after your first paycheck. This includes company-paid life insurance, short and long-term disability, and all of it starts after your first paycheck. 

Find a Job in York County

York County, Nebraska is a beautiful place to live. We have charming downtowns for shopping and dining, community pools, a university with sports teams to watch, a great park system and outdoor recreation, a strong school district and housing at prices that are far more affordable than urban areas. Everything you need is here and we are close enough to the big city to catch professional sports games or head to the ballet. 

Add “jobs with signing bonuses” to these benefits and there are a million reasons to move to York County. Start your job search today by clicking here. We, and our partners, can help you to find an employer and a place to live! 

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