Manufacturing Month in York County Focuses on the Workforce of the Future

Manufacturing Month in York County Focuses on the Workforce of the Future Main Photo

18 Oct 2022


York County is home to global manufacturing companies that are producing goods using the latest technologies, along with raw materials found throughout Nebraska. York County Development Corporation kicked off Manufacturing Month with an event focused on the industry’s future workforce - our local students

On October 7th, we partnered with local educators and Corteva, Cyclonaire, and Green Plains to expose York County’s high school students to the incredible opportunities available in the manufacturing industry. Local student, Parker Friedrichson, remarked that the “Job opportunities are endless.” 

These Manufacturing Month events are key to exposing students to our local industry and the type of career opportunities available to them. “YCDC celebrates our local manufacturing companies, as we all should. They provide York County residents with stable jobs and significant growth opportunities. Plus, they’re producing American products that we can all be proud of,” said Lisa Hurley, Executive Director of York County Development Corporation. “One of our jobs is to spread the word so students realize they can build a successful life while strengthening our community.”

Help Us Spread the Word

If you have children at home, work with students or know someone who is looking for career opportunities, encourage them to learn about York County manufacturing companies. Manufacturing Month is an excellent time to do this. 

Our event helps show students the reality of modern manufacturing careers and that manufacturing creates careers that are full of opportunities for advancement and stability. But, not everyone was able to participate. That’s where you, as a community member, come in. We encourage you to share this article and join us in having conversations with local youth. One way to start is by discussing the manufacturing companies growing in York County. View a list of York County’s major employers here.

Join York County Manufacturers: Shovel-Ready Sites Are Available

If you work for a manufacturing company in search of a new location and supportive business environment, come to York County, Nebraska. We have shovel-ready sites and are actively growing our manufacturing workforce.


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