YCDC Podcast Promotes York County to a Global Audience

YCDC Podcast Promotes York County to a Global Audience Main Photo

9 Jun 2023


York County Development Corporation (YCDC) works to promote economic growth in York County, Nebraska. One of our initiatives is a podcast that aims to share the stories of people who live and work in York County. The podcast has been a successful tool for promoting York County locally and globally. It has been downloaded over 12,000 times, and the website has had over 20,000 visitors. The podcast has been listened to in 29 different nations over the past two years, with the leading downloads being U.S., Germany, and Mexico. YCDC has also received positive feedback from listeners who have enjoyed the podcast and learned something new about York County.

About the YCDC Podcast: Who We Interview

This 17-County podcast is dedicated to the hidden gems of rural life and what it’s like to thrive in a small town. By sharing people’s stories we are breaking down barriers and changing the perception of what life is like in rural Nebraska. “We wanted to feature a diverse mix of people, from different ages, family sizes, and careers. We’ve been able to feature people like Austin Pistulka, who moved back home to Nebraska after living in Florida, and is working as the Digital Production Director for the Rural Radio Network; and Jill Swartzendruber who moved to York County from Shickley, Nebraska. Jill is now the Marketing & Member Manager for the York Chamber of Commerce,” said host Emily Perry, YCDC Development Coordinator. “Our hope has been that anyone who is interested in moving to the York County area is able to hear from community members in one place. We want to show people that the County is a great place to work, sleep, and play.”

“We are also trying to interview people that work for YCDC’s investors,” said Emily. YCDC is also adding episodes where we provide updates on what’s going on and focus more on businesses growing in the county.

The Podcast Has Grown

YCDC’s Emily Perry both hosts and manages the podcast. The radio station now produces the final product. “Over time, the podcast has evolved. We began by using lower-cost equipment, but upgraded as it gained traction.We were also able to start working with the radio station and the quality improved significantly,” said Emily. 

The podcast has been a valuable tool for promoting the county to potential employers and employees. YCDC has heard stories of employers sharing the podcast with potential employees from outside of the area.

The podcast has also helped to highlight the great work being done by individuals and businesses in York County. It has helped to showcase the county's strengths and potential and has encouraged people to consider York County as a great place to live and work.

The success of the podcast has been reflected in the 12,000 times it has been downloaded. But, the impact of YCDC's podcast extends beyond the numbers. The podcast has helped to build a sense of community in York County. It has given people a platform to share their stories and has highlighted the important work being done in the community. It has also helped to promote York County to a wider audience and has encouraged people to consider moving to the area.

“York County is a great place to live and work. This podcast has been a valuable tool for YCDC to share that message, and it will continue to be an important part of our outreach efforts in the future,” said Lisa Hurley, YCDC Executive Director. 

You can listen to the YCDC podcast here or on your favorite streaming platform. 

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