Green Plains Announces Technology Collaboration

Green Plains Announces Technology Collaboration Main Photo

15 Jul 2023

Green Plains Inc. (NASDAQ:GPRE) today announced a technology collaboration with Equilon Enterprises LLC (Shell). This collaboration allows for Green Plains Inc. via Fluid Quip Technologies’ precision separation and processing technology (MSC™) to be used with Shell Fiber Conversion Technology (SFCT). The two technologies will combine fermentation, mechanical separation and processing, and fiber conversion into one platform. This has the potential to create a new process to liberate all available Distillers Corn Oil currently bound in the fiber fraction of the corn kernel, generate cellulosic sugars for production of low-carbon ethanol, and enhance and expand available high protein to produce high-quality ingredients for global animal feed diets. The start of the collaboration dates back to early 2021, after Green Plains completed the acquisition of Fluid Quip Technologies.

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