17-County Leadership Program Fall Registration Open!

17-County Leadership Program Fall Registration Open! Main Photo

17 Jul 2023


Fall registration for the 17-County Leadership Program is now open! This year, York County Development Corporation (YCDC) and our partners have designed this program for current leader looking to refine their skills and aspiring leaders eager to develop their abilities before stepping into a formal leadership role. For 2023, we are excited to offer an enhanced program with new content and longer days. This will allow us to provide emerging leaders with even more valuable training. “We don't want any aspiring leaders to miss this opportunity to grow and connect with fellow professionals in York County,” said Emily Perry, YCDC Development Coordinator. “This is an incredible program and last year’s participants have told us how much it benefited them.”

The primary goal of the 17-County Leadership Program is to facilitate growth, connection, and skill development for York County’s current and upcoming leaders. Through personal coaching, evidence-based curriculum, and interactive activities, participants will have the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills and expand their professional network. “At the end of this program, York County leaders should have the knowledge, confidence, and strategies necessary to be successful leaders and make a larger impact on our community,” said Lisa Hurley, YCDC Executive Director. “Whether it's securing a promotion, excelling in management roles, or gaining overall confidence in their ability to lead, we believe this program can make a significant impact on their careers.”

The 17-County Leadership Program is not just about individual growth; it also aims to have a positive impact on the community as a whole. As York County leaders enhance their skills, businesses will benefit from increased employee retention, heightened engagement levels, and an overall improvement in workplace culture. “Ultimately, we believe that by cultivating strong leaders, we can contribute to the long-term success and prosperity of York County,” said Hurley. 

Zach Crouch, a 2022 participant, spoke about the impact the program had on him and his company. "I feel that anyone who values their employees should take a class like 17-County Leadership. Through the classes, I learned that the most important part of being a leader is taking that step to better educate yourself, not only for you but for your employees as well, and these classes have done that. I feel more confident in leading my people and helping them to grow with our company after what I have learned with these classes."

Program Format

The 17-County Leadership Program will be conducted over a series of three sessions. Each session will take place in a classroom setting from 8:15 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Additionally, participants will receive three one-on-one personal coaching sessions to further support their growth and development. "Leadership can be innate or developed. It is important that professionals hone in on their natural abilities so they can consciously work on those that can be a challenge for them — great leaders tackle this head on,” said Instructor, Dr. Shannon Leinen, MCA, M.Ed..

This comprehensive format 17-County Leadership Program gives participants the ability to apply what they are learning so it’s not just theoretical. In addition to the regular program, we are offering extra social media engagement opportunities. By actively participating, people can earn credit equivalent to two months of program attendance, making it even easier to graduate. 

Join Us Today!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to be a part of the 17-County Leadership Program this fall. Register now to enhance your leadership abilities, empower your professional growth, and strengthen your community. Contact Emily Perry at eperry@yorkdevco.com to secure your spot and take the first step towards becoming an exceptional leader. Together, let's build a brighter future for York County!

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