LivFarms Donates Cutting-Edge AI Hydroponics Research Unit to FFA Chapter

LivFarms Donates Cutting-Edge AI Hydroponics Research Unit to FFA Chapter Main Photo

23 Oct 2023


LivFarms Donates Cutting-Edge AI Hydroponics Research Unit to FFA Chapter


LivFarms, a York County business, was assisted by YCDC earlier this year and is receiving $75,000 in Site and Building Development Funds through YCDC from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development for their start-up. 



EXETER, NE – October 18, 2023 – LivFarms, a groundbreaking hydroponics vertical farm corporation, is set to make a significant donation to the Centennial FFA chapter at Centennial Public Schools in Utica, Nebraska. This generous gesture involves the contribution of a state-of-the-art hydroponic research unit equipped with artificial intelligence technology. The dedication ceremony will take place at the Centennial Public Schools' Varsity Football game halftime on October 20.


The hydroponic research unit, known as AGEYE Agriculture Research Cart (ARC), represents the future of agriculture research. It offers real-time insights into crop health, remote monitoring capabilities, and trend analysis through advanced sensor technology and artificial intelligence. FFA students at Centennial will have the opportunity to experiment with various growing conditions, fostering a deep understanding of hydroponics and how environment conditions can be modified to impact plant growth.


Luke Petersen, co-founder of LivFarms, highlighted the importance of this donation, stating, "We're passionate about giving back to local schools, so students can have the same opportunities that inspired Paige and I to build our own business. We hope that through the 'School to Table' Program, the produce cultivated in these units can find its way into the school's backpack program, extending the benefits to students in need.”


Motivated by the "School To Table" initiative, LivFarms is committed to supporting hydroponics education in local schools. In honor of Arne Anderson, a dedicated retired Agricultural teacher and FFA sponsor at Centennial Public High School, the hydroponic unit will be engraved with "Donated by LivFarms In Honor of Arne Anderson" and named "Arne."


The event will be attended by Arne Anderson, a retired Agricultural teacher and FFA sponsor, whose unwavering support for hydroponics inspired this generous act. Arne Anderson played a crucial role in nurturing Luke Petersen's deep-seated enthusiasm for hydroponics. Luke's passion for hydroponics was ignited in high school when Arne Anderson, his dedicated mentor, collaborated with him on the design and construction of hydroponic towers in a welding class, marking the beginning of a lasting foundation that laid the groundwork for Luke's future in the hydroponics industry.


LivFarms, co-founded by Luke and Paige Petersen, is a Nebraska-based company that focuses on sustainability and freshness. Their state-of-the-art automated facility, located in York County, is set to produce approximately 1.5 million heads of lettuce annually, utilizing advanced robotic technology and artificial intelligence. Their products are scheduled to hit Nebraska grocery store shelves in January 2024.


This heartwarming donation exemplifies LivFarms' commitment to fostering innovation in hydroponics and supporting local communities. With a vision for the future of agriculture, LivFarms is on a mission to inspire the next generation of hydroponic farmers.


October 20th Dedication Event:  The dedication event, scheduled during the halftime of Centennial's Varsity Football game on Friday, October 20. We extend a warm invitation to join us at the Centennial football field located at Centennial Public Schools at 1301 Centennial Ave, Utica, NE 68456, for an evening of gratitude and community spirit.


For more information, please contact:

Angela Petersen

Director of Marketing and Business Development

LivFarms Inc., 217 Road W, Exeter, NE 68351


Phone:  402-576-3007, Cell Phone: 402-366-2206


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