Learn About Emergency Rental Assistance to Protect Yourself and Your Tenants

Learn About Emergency Rental Assistance to Protect Yourself and Your Tenants Main Photo

1 Apr 2024

Landlords and property owners in York County can use the Nebraska Emergency Rental Assistance (Nebraska ERA) program to support tenants struggling to pay rent. The York County Development Corporation (YCDC) and York County Community Coalition (YC3) are happy to provide information on who qualifies for these funds and how to apply for them.  

“We recognize that when rent isn’t paid it’s a crisis for the landlord as well as the tenant, and we want to make sure that both sides of the equation are aware of the options available to them,” says Jake Owens, Executive Director of YC3.

The state of Nebraska is working to make it easier and more user-friendly to apply for rental assistance. Get to know this program and how it supports local communities. 

Emergency Assistance Covers Rent, Utilities, and Other Costs

The Nebraska ERA program was developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In May 2020, as lockdowns spread across the country, 12% of Nebraskans were unable to work. Part-time and full-time employment reached a ten-year low of 59%. Without income, tenants couldn’t pay the rent, which caused landlords to lose income and potentially miss mortgage payments. Even though the pandemic has passed, the Nebraska ERA program remains to support families experiencing crises where they cannot pay rent.

“Preventative programs like Nebraska ERA help families maintain stability in one area of their lives when other parts are in turmoil,” says Lisa Hurley, Executive Director of YCDC. “Evictions lead to homelessness, unemployment, bad credit, and cycles of poverty. These programs protect families, landlords, and the York County economy as a whole.”

Along with rental and utility assistance, Nebraska ERA provides housing stabilization services that help people maintain or obtain housing.  

Landlords Can Connect Vulnerable Tents to Valuable Resources

Programs like ERA can help landlords maintain monthly income levels while residents get back on their feet. It can also prevent landlords from having to serve eviction notices or have vacant months as they search for new tenants.

Learning about Nebraska ERA and referring tenants to these services can also help landlords invest in the local York County community. They can support the people who rent their properties and work with them to overcome financial obstacles. By protecting tenants, they protect themselves.

“We seem to have an overwhelming number of people who want to help their neighbors,” says Owens. “I’ve seen people rally together in the last several years to help one another in a variety of situations, and those instances are not only inspiring, but they strengthen our community and make York County a wonderful place to live.” 

Mark Your Calendar to Learn About Nebraska ERA 

Check out the Nebraska ERA Portal if you are a renter or landlord who needs financial assistance. You can also reach out to Jake Owens at YC3 to learn more.

If you are looking for additional ways to support York County, become a member of YCDC. Join the economic development arm of York County as we work to bring employers to the region, upskill workers, improve housing, and prove that our region is the best place to live. Check out all the great work we do and join our team today.


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