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Treasure Found in York County

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26 January 2021

Treasure Found in York County

In a store that could easily be mistaken for an establishment in New York City, shines one of the brightest things York County has seen. It’s not Gold, Silver, Jewels, or any Gem you can think of, this piece is the mind of one of York’s finest.

Hi, my name is Matías Castaño and I want to invite you on a journey that will help us get to know the exceptional businesses that surround us here in York County.

While most treasures are typically found in some sort of chest, this one lies inside a vault. Today, we highlight The Jewelers Vault. Owned by internationally renowned jewelry designer, Kerri Votaw Kliewer; one of York County’s treasure.

Kliewer opened The Jewelers Vault back in October of 2020, but don’t let that fool you. Kerri has been designing her own jewelry for over 35 years, under KVK Jewelry Design, where she’s had the opportunity to travel to many different parts of the world. “It’s been a great ride for the past 35 years in the different worlds of the jewelry business.” She added.

Kerri’s journey began with a jewelry booth in Tucson. And after seeing great success in Arizona, she decided to expand. From Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Las Vegas, all the way to the one and only New York City. Soon after establishing a website, Kerri saw customers buying from out of the country, who would later become important clients. Now, Kerri works with people from all over the world, clients in Australia, the UK, Germany, Canada, China and more!

With all of the world experiences and cultures she’s gained throughout the years, Kerri has found a way to combine it all into a full-service store in downtown York, Nebraska. Kerri says that “This store is the culmination of experiencing all those worlds.” The Jewelers Vault was designed to have a contemporary, yet classic and elegant look, so that whoever walks in, feels as if they were in NYC itself.

Much like the store’s appeal, every piece in Kliewer’s collection is professionally crafted and designed, bringing many clients back for over 30 years. One of those being Kate Wegner, whose family has worked with Kerri for two generations and counting! With all of the unique and beautifully designed pieces, who wouldn’t want to come back?

Apart from the great service and outstanding work that’s done on her pieces, Kerri specializes in something else too, something unique. Gathered and cut by the indigenous people of Alaska, Kerri has welcomed the addition of Fossilized Woolly Mammoth jewelry to her collection. She has added this distinctive style on many of her pieces, including earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more!

Her unique collection isn’t the only reason Kerri is known across the globe. “You can envision something and she makes it come to life. I’ve never met another jeweler that can do that.” Said Kate Wegner, “She’s designed so many pieces for us.” Kate added. And when asked what made her loyal to Kliewer, she said “It was everything; the service, her personality, her quality, and the end product.”

If you’ve never been to the Big Apple, don’t worry, I’ve got the perfect solution for you. Head on over to downtown York, Nebraska, where you’ll have to step inside The Jewelers Vault. Not only to experience Kerri Kliewer’s impeccable workmanship but to get to know one of the bright minds that live in York County. Kliewer says she hopes “to help make downtown York a destination for many” while inviting “Everyone in the area to stop in and see her collection.” Because although Kliewer’s collection has traveled the world, she’s decided to rest The Jewelers Vault in York, Nebraska.

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