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Village of Benedict is located 8 miles north of York, NE, just off Highway 81 and approximately 10 miles north of Interstate 80.  Agriculture plays a large role in the Benedict economy, and there are a number of locally owned businesses, including a regionally popular restaurant, home-based businesses, carpenters, insurance, agricultural equipment, value added ag ventures, well services, plumbing, and a grain elevator. Check out the Benedict Voice for the current newsletter....Learn More »


The Village of Bradshaw is located in York County in southeast Nebraska on US Highway 34. Take a Peak at Bradshaw by the York News Times.  Bradshaw is 8 miles north of Interstate 80, and eight miles west of US Highway 81. Agriculture plays a large role in the Bradshaw economy, which is also strengthened by manufacturing. Several local businesses market themselves across the nation, two of which are metal fabrication businesses creating unique, custom-made metal products, Bradshaw is also home of a local grain elevator along with a number of other locally owned businesses. Bradshaw Beat - Community Newsletter  ...Learn More »


The City of Henderson is located in the southwest corner of York County just 2 miles south of I-80 Interstate. The local economy is mostly agricultural based, but the community is starting to see some internet based startup companies. The Henderson community was one of the pioneers in the irrigation industry, and the sale and manufacturing of irrigation products play a significant role in the ag-business economy.  Mainstay Communications, the community owned telecommunication company, has expanded their high speed Internet service to the rural areas and now provides fiber within the city limits. ...Learn More »

McCool Junction

The Village of McCool Junction is approximately 8 miles (10 minutes) south of the City of York via U.S. Highway 81. It is also approximately 50 miles from both Lincoln (to the east) and Grand Island (to the west) via Interstate 80 (approximately 6 miles north). Agriculture plays a large role in the McCool Junction economy. In addition, McCool Junction is home to a popular restaurant (Kerry's) and racetrack (McCool Junction Motor Speedway). The community continues to grow as new homes and a subdivision are built and existing homes and downtown buildings are renovated. ...Learn More »


Waco is located 45 miles west of Lincoln, NE, on US Highway 34. Waco can also be reached from Interstate 80, via Exit 360, which is 5 miles south. Waco is also approximately 8 miles east of York.  Basic economic activities in Waco include farming, education and manufacturing. Waco Dirt - Community Announcments & Events...Learn More »


The City of York, a city of around 8,000 population, offers all of the character of a small town with the advantages of a more populated city.  Strategically located at the intersection of Highway 81, and Interstate 80. York provides numerous amenities found only in larger more metropolitan cities, cutting edge health care technologies and facilities, a vibrant hospitality industry ready to serve the needs of visitors and residents alike, progressive educational institutions including a four-year college and a full range of support services for families and businesses. Transportation, manufacturing, agricultures and service companies all call York home. ...Learn More »

York County

York County, with a population 13,862, is in the heart of agricultural country and a transportation corridor which includes east/west by I-80 and U.S. Hwy. 34, and north/south by U.S. 81, a major north-south 4-lane expressway that stretches from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada (Pan-America Highway).  Burlington Northern Santa Fe’s main line travels through York County including Waco, York and Bradshaw. There is also a line extending up to Benedict giving many opportunities for rail service companies. Private air service is available in York, two commercial air services are within 45 minutes, and Omaha Eppely Airline is within 90 minutes giving you a choice of air service.  Other competitive advantages offered here are fertile soil, plentiful underground water supply, a community minded 4-year college, a strong and loyal workforce, and some of the lowest electric rates in the nation due to Nebraska being a 100% all public power state. ...Learn More »